We Need You!


If you are interested in taking on any of our volunteer opportunities, click the button below and mark the ones you would like to commit to. You can commit as many positions as you want!


If you have volunteered any PTA activities, please fill out this volunteer time sheet. This is to facilitate our year-end reporting of volunteer hours to our parent organization CA State PTA. Note that attending the association meetings does not count as volunteering.

Some companies match your volunteer hours to the PTA. Please check your companies and help get the matching gifts for us. Thank you!


The PTA Board would like to express our big thanks to the following volunteers supporting the PTA:

Doreen Hom (Parliamentarian pro tem), Anny Sun, Jessica Sturgill, Jules Lee, Kat Deppe, Katya Zamora, Meiling Yueh, Koorosh Kooros (Standing Committee members), Diana Kim (Auditor), Jessie Grant-Sljivar (Parliamentarian)

Diana Kim, Fareha Suleiman, Jen Perry, Jessica Bazick, Katie Wilson, Matthew Cheng, Nari Walsh, Paul Kim, Yael Roth (PTA Founding ByLaws/Nominating/Steering Committee members)

Ben Carson, Bill Quintana, Jessica Bazick, Katie Wilson, Matthew Cheng, Nari Walsh, Ritu Singla, Shweta Sharma (Founding PTA Board members)

Ally Brett, Andrea Cunningham, Archana Ajmera, Christina Asmar, Indu Goswami, Julie Sin, Kristin Adams, Makoto Ferguson, Mrunal Mangrulkar, Paul Kim, Scott Ankers, Sonia Khan (new Standing Committee members)

Mrs. Kling, Ms. Rosty, Ally Brett, Andrea Cunningham, Annie Cho Lee, Bahar Madani, Doreen Hom, Jessica Grant-Sljivar, Jing Wen, Jules Lee, Katie Wilson, Kayta Zamora, Kristin Adams, Matthew Cheng, Nari Walsh, Ritu Singla, Shweta Sharma, Sonia Khan, Theresa Batiller (Ice Cream Social volunteers)

Arpita Chadha, Matthew Cheng, Slaven Sljivar, Yanmei Song, Sonia Khan, Preetanshu Pandey, Crystal Shin (4-6th Grade Math Club coaches)

Crystal Shin, Preetanshu Pandey, Sonia Khan (3rd Grade Math Club coaches)

Anny Sun, Jessica Bazick, Katie Wilson, Katya Zamora, Makoto Ferguson, Matthew Cheng (Mileage Club volunteers)

Andrea Cunningham, Annie Cho Lee, Archana Ajmera, Bahar Madani, Jessica Bazick, Matthew Cheng, Mrunal Mangrulkar, Sonia Khan, Shweta Sharma, Katie Wilson, Katya Zamora (Red Ribbon Week volunteers)

Ritu Singla, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Ebright (Book Drive volunteers)

Bill Quintana, Matthew Cheng, Ritu Singla, Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Ebright (Food Drive volunteers)

Annie Cho Lee, Anny Sun, Brienna Tsui, Christine Jacobs, Deidra Gonzales, Diana Kim, Emilie Abalos, Gen Tenorio, Hyejin Kim, Jana Berrett, Jessica Bazick, Jodie Tsaturov, Jules Lee, Julie Ra, Katie Wilson, Keolani Jensen, Lisa Ching, Matthew Cheng, Meiling Yueh, Miranda Justus, Mrunal Mangrulkar, Nari Walsh, Nathan Choi, Niti Shrivastava, Roland Regino, Rowena Pham, Sandra Gutglass, Sanjana Bollapragada, Shanshan Yang, Sheila Yin, Sherri Burke, Shweta Sharma, Sonia Khan, Sookyung Cho, Sujin Lee, Theresa Batiller, Tina Asmar (Book Fair volunteers)