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Pacific Sky PTA

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501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization / EIN: 88-2618006

Big thanks to all the support from Pacific Sky families, teachers and staff, we concluded our 2022-23 membership drive on October 15. We have a total of 209 members (169 new members plus 40 charter members who joined in May when the PTA was founded). We received $20,626 from member donations and $2,514 from corporate matching (our goals: $25K and $5K, respectively). There is a gap of almost $7K and we will manage our 2022-23 plan & budget accordingly. Please continue to support the PTA in whatever way you can in the rest of the school year (check here for the other ways to support the PTA at no extra cost to you).

You are welcome to join or donate to the PTA throughout the rest of the school year but the special swags and perks will not be available.

About PTA Membership Contest

For the friendly PTA membership contest between classes, congratulations to our winners:
1st Grade, Tracy
2nd Grade, Rostomily
Kindergarten, Homick
1st Grade, Jones

Students in these classes got popsicles and extra recess time on Oct 28!

Links to Join/Donate to the PTA

Not yet a member: Click Join via TOTEM
Also click "Add a Donation" button to upgrade your membership in the purchase form

Current members only: Click Upgrade membership via PayPal
Enter the $ difference between your old and new membership levels and select the new level in the PayPal form

If you just want to donate without membership, click Donate without membership via PayPal

About Pacific Sky PTA Membership

Our membership ranges from Co-Pilot Level ($30 per person or $10 for teacher/staff) to Top Gun Level ($1500). All members get the PTA general membership and rights, plus perks from CA State PTA and National PTA (see If you join the PTA and add a donation or upgrade your current membership by October 15, you will get extra swags and perks listed below. Click here to see larger images of these special swags.

PTA member's rights include the rights to make motion and vote on PTA matters in association meetings, join PTA committees, and also run for PTA board positions.

Pacific Sky PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (EIN: 88-2618006), organized under the group ruling of our parent organization California State PTA (EIN: 95-1683870). You may get tax benefit with your donation. Please consult your tax advisor.

About Corporate Matching

Get your company matching for your donations/volunteer hours to the PTA and double the support! Our official name is "Pacific Sky PTA" and our EIN is 88-2618006. If you cannot find us in your company’s database, please contact Matthew Cheng, the PTA President ( Known companies we registered with so far:

*NPOConnect ( Viasat and any companies using this platform
* Apple, Google, Microsoft, Oracle, Illumina, etc.
*Northrop Grumman
*CyberGrants: Novartis, Johnson & Johnson, etc.
* Still in progress with Qualcomm



You, our Pacific Sky families, teachers and staff. We are aiming for 100% participation. All family members from the same family can join and become paid members too! Every contribution makes a difference! Your contribution to Pacific Sky PTA directly benefits Pacific Sky students’ education and school experience.


Pacific Sky PTA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization affiliated with California State PTA and National PTA organizations. Our mission is to:

Work together with the school community to provide the best possible school experience for our Pacific Sky pilots!

The PTA is different from and in addition to the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF). DMSEF funds are primarily for STEAM+ teachers district-wide. The PTA offers and supports programs, events, clubs geared towards enriching school experience for students and building the community at Pacific Sky School. Both are equally important. Please support both PTA and DMSEF.

More info about the programs/events being planned for the current school year can be found at Programs.

In addition to the membership and donations, we also rely heavily on volunteers from the school community for making the programs/events possible and successful. Please refer to We Need You! for our volunteer openings.


We hope you will want to be involved through volunteer opportunities, participating our programs/events, and attending the association meetings and having a voice there, but there are no obligations - we appreciate your support. Your membership donation is important to fund our community and school based programs.



  • Anyone in the school community (parents, guardians, grandparents, neighbors, etc.); all family members from the same family can join too

  • Have the rights to make motion and vote on PTA matters in association meetings, join PTA committees, and also run for PTA board positions

  • Provide important funding for the PTA through membership dues and donations

  • Add weight to the advocacies by the CA State and National PTAs

  • Enjoy the member perks offered by the CA State PTA and the National PTA

  • Though volunteering is welcome, members are not obligated to volunteer for the PTA


  • Everyone in the school community (including kids when appropriate) is welcome to participate/volunteer in any events/programs organized/sponsored by the PTA, as well as donate to the PTA, regardless they are member or non-member

    • Please consider supporting the PTA via the fundraising programs, some of which have zero cost to you

  • Non-members do not have the PTA member rights and perks

  • Of course, we greatly appreciate it if you join the PTA and have a voice there


  • Del Mar Union School District (DMUSD) (taxpayers’ money)
    For school, admins, teachers, and 60% of STEAM+ teachers

  • Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) (donations)
    For 40% of STEAM+ teachers; notable event: Jog-A-Thon

  • Room parents (donations)
    For class parties and teacher/aide gifts specific to each classroom

  • Pacific Sky PTA (membership dues and donations)
    For various school-based and community-building programs/events to enhance the school experience for our Pacific Sky pilots, such as Teacher Mini-Grants (independent of room parents), Assemblies, Clubs, Field Day, School Carnival, International Night, Book Fair, Teacher and Staff Appreciation, etc.