About the PTA


Work together with the school community to provide the best possible school experience for our Pacific Sky pilots!


Education, Fun, Participation, Transparency


Pacific Sky PTA officially founded on May 26, 2022
Pacific Sky PTA Organization Meeting Minute 5_26_2022 (1).pdf
Pacific Sky PTA Org Mtg Slides.pdf

Got the brand new PTA on the ground running
Set up the
PTA infrastructure (PTA email addresses, website, membership system, Instagram and Facebook, bank and PayPal accounts), completed the 2022-23 plan and budget, and launched our membership campaign Join Us! before the new school year started

Road Safety Concern Near School
On 9/9/2022, the PTA board issued a letter of concern
http://bit.ly/3DjJAw1 to San Diego Councilmember (District 1) Joe LaCava and Carmel Valley Community Planning Group Chair Frisco White to raise the road safety concern near the school and make some improvement suggestions to them.

As a result, Emily Lynch, Community Representative for San Diego Councilmember LaCava is assigned to follow up this issue. On 10/10, Emily updated that “The City will be installing school signs on Solterra Vista Pkwy between Belleza Ranch Road and Caminito Mendiola. This work is expected to be completed within 90 days. Additionally, the street is going to be slurry sealed, and we are hoping to get cross walks installed for Solterra Vista Parkway and Terrazo Ct.”

Further update on 10/25: “The signs are going to be on both sides of Solterra Vista Pkwy between Belleza Ranch Road and Caminito Mendiola. They will be standard School Zone signs to begin with. Once the school zone signs are in place, the City can evaluate the need for additional traffic calming measures such as the radar sign. I am still in conversations with the Traffic Department regarding the crosswalk, as they are reviewing the original construction and traffic plans from the school.”

Board meetings done
PSPTA 2021-22 Board Meeting #1 6_2_2022.pdf
8/4: PSPTA 2022-23 Board Meeting 8_4_2022.pdf
8/12: PSPTA 2022-23 Special Board Meeting 8_12_2022.pdf
9/1: PSPTA 2022-23 Board Meeting 9_1_2022.pdf
PSPTA 2022-23 Board Meeting 10_6_2022.pdf
PSPTA 2022-23 Board Meeting 11_3_2022.pdf
PSPTA 2022-23 Board Meeting 12_1_2022.pdf
PSPTA 2022-23 Board Meeting 1-12-2023.pdf

Association meetings done
8/25: PSPTA 2022-23 Association Meeting 8_25_2022.pdf; Principal Chat
11/17: PSPTA 2022-23 Association Meeting 11_17_2022.pdf; Principal Chat
1/26: PSPTA 2022-23 Association Meeting 01_26_2023.pdf; Principal Chat

Programs/Events completed successfully
Family Picnic, Aug 13 11:30am-1:30pm
Ice Cream Social, Sep 15 Thu 6-7:30pm
Mileage Club (every Mon lunch and Fri morning) and Math Club (every Fri afternoon) since October
STEAM+ Night, Oct 18
"Read It Again San Diego" Book Drive, Oct 24-Nov 4
Restaurant Nights: Batch and Box (Oct 11), Shake Shack (Oct 25)
, DxT (Nov 16), Fresh Brothers (Dec 21)
Red Ribbon Week, Nov 7-10
Book Fair, Dec 12-16
Food Drive, Dec 12-16

Number of PTA members
209 members (169 new members plus 40 charter members who joined in May when the PTA was founded)

Number of volunteers
Over 40 volunteers helping in various ways


Pacific Sky PTA Introduction


Bylaws, meeting agendas/minutes, financial reports/budgets, etc.