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Reading Leaderboard

Congratulations to all of our reading winners!!
First week's top readers: Agnes P., Shanzay F. and Michael R.
Second week's top readers: Ryana T., Emma L. and Yeonwoo Leo C.
Overall top classes: Johnson's (topmost), Tracy's and McClellan's classes

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Instructions to enter reading minutes

Find your unique profile link in the email you received after signing up and enter the reading minutes on the "Track" tab on your profile page (see slides #3, 9).

Instructions to share your donation link

Find your unique donation link in the email you received after signing up and share the link with your friends and family or invite them on the "Invite" tab on your profile page (see slides #3, 5-7).

Readathon Donation Page

Encouraging Reading and Rewarding Top Readers!!

We are thrilled to announce that Pacific Sky School will be hosting its first ever Readathon! The primary objective of the Readathon is to cultivate a love of reading among all our students. We have set a target goal of 200 total reading minutes for each participating student (average of 15-20 minutes per day) to be completed between November 4th-17th. Prizes will be awarded to the top students and classes who read the most. We welcome any amount of donations to support the PTA and its efforts to introduce various educational, fun, and exciting programs and events to the school and community. Please visit the following links for more information on our programs and events:

Special Event on Nov 12 Sun, 3pm
at Blue Chair@Sky Deck