Spirit Wear Logo Design Contest

Congratulations to Johanan for winning the Spirit Wear Logo Design Contest! Johanan receives the grand prize of $50 Amazon gift card and Johanan’s design will be used on some spirit wear/swags in the next school year. Also thank you to all the 19 contestants and all of them receive certificates of participation with their own artworks printed on them (https://bit.ly/3pPaec6). Maddie, Kira and Johanan are the 3 finalists and all of them receive t-shirts with their own designs.

Final Winner: Johanan

Final 3: Maddie, Johanan, Kira

All Pacific Sky students are welcome to participate and submit their artwork to this contest. The final winner’s design will be used on some of the spirit wear/swag in the next school year. Three finalists will be selected and then the whole school will have a chance to vote for the final winner from the three finalists in May. All three finalists will get an award (a t-shirt with their own design) and the final winner will get a grand prize ($50 Amazon gift card)! The submission deadline is Apr 21 Fri.

If your kid is interested in submitting to this contest, please note the following parameters for the artwork:

How to submit: