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Successfully completed on Mar 17 (4-6th Grade Math Club) and Apr 14 (3rd Grade Math Club). Congratulations to all the Math Club students who participated in the 2023 MOEMS contests and 2023 Spring NLMC contest! All of our 3rd and 4-6th Grade teams received the team achievement awards, meaning their team scores are in the top 10% of all the teams participating in those contests nationwide!!

Pacific Sky PTA launched two 4th-6th grade teams to compete in the Math Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS) 2022-23 contests. There will be five contests from November to March. More information about the contests can be found at We will do the team practice at Pacific Sky School's Innovation Center, every Fri afternoon (2:30-3:30pm; or 12:30-1:30pm if Friday is a minimum day), starting from Oct 7. 3rd grade team for Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC) will start on Jan 13. 4th-6th Grade Team 1 practice in the Science Room, Team 2 in the Art Room, and 3rd Grade Team in the Music Room.

Big thanks to Arpita Chadha, Matthew Cheng, Slaven Sljivar, Yanmei Song, Crystal Shin, Sonia Tahir, Preetanshu Pandey for being our coaches! To contact the coaches, email to

Note: We will not allow kids to leave early before the session ends (3:30pm; or 1:30pm if Friday is a minimum day). If any of you have any exception and will want your child to leave the Math Club earlier, please submit this Google form beforehand and let us know your child's name and the time they would leave. Please pick up your kids at the front office entrance. Thank you!

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