Red Ribbon Week

Thank you to all kiddos participating in the Red Ribbon Week on Nov 7-10 and pledging to make healthy choices. Special thanks to Principal Fieberg, all the teachers, the parent volunteers and the following organizations and companies for helping to make the Red Ribbon Week successful!

*Jimbo’s for donating the healthy fruits for our kiddos

*Kevin Baross from San Diego County Bike Coalition for the excellent “Walk, Ride and Bike to School” assembly for our 3rd to 6th graders
If you would like to review the walk and bike safety with your kiddos, check out these videos from San Diego County Bike Coalition at

*Kelly McCormick from San Dieguito Alliance for the informative presentation about vaping and other drugs
You can find the handouts from the presentation here:
Some additional resources you may find useful:, International Academy on the Science and Impact of Cannabis, for peer reviewed research on marijuana's health effects, for drug prevention videos and other resources

Copy of Red Ribbon Week 11/7-11/10 Event Schedule

RRW Origin Story

Did you know the origin story behind Red Ribbon Week? Did you know that it has a connection to San Diego? Read more about the story and feel free to share that with your children.

Other Potential Topics/Questions to Discuss with Your Children

Discuss how diet, hygiene and sleep play a role in a healthy body.

Discuss the difference between using drubs and taking a medication that your doctor prescribes.

Discuss what are good habits and bad habits. What is necessary to break a bad habit and how it relates to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana and drug use.

Discuss peer pressure and what it means. How does it relate to alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, drug use, and bullying.

Questions to ask your child instead of "how was your day" 

10 steps to help your child say no